Review: Dogface – From The End To The Beginning

Review: Dogface – From The End To The Beginning

ScandiRock Records

Reviewer: Grant Foster

Don’t judge a book by the cover. Or so the saying goes. Similarly, don’t judge a band by it’s name.

Dogface. I mean, let’s be honest as band names go, it’s not the best, but, it is memorable. Are you likely to forget it. Are you?!

And as for the cover? Think Powerslave, but on a tight budget. And with a dog, instead of a Sphinx……….

But what about the music, I hear you cry! Well, let’s get it out in the open straight away. If Deep Purple or latter Whitesnake is your bag, then there’s every chance you will get off on this release.

That’s not to say, however that everything on offer here is a carbon copy of those legendary bands. Far from it. Dogface take elements of both, but add their own stink and a slighter heavier touch to proceedings.

The production is both meaty and shiny. But not too slick. So the bugger sounds good too. It also weighs in at 15 songs long. Overlong at an hour and 4 minutes? Maybe a couple of tunes too long in my humble opinion. But that might be seen as quibbling. In these days of austerity, then let’s give Dogface top marks for content.

Star of the show for me, is vocalist Mats Leven. With very dynamic range, (He’s sung for Yngwie Malmsteen and lived to tell the tale, you know!) he is to the fore. It’s no surprise that the keyboards also feature prominently, but not to the exclusion of some very skilful, melodic guitar work, courtesy of Martin Kronlund.

Stand out tracks? ‘Don’t‘, ‘Not Wanted‘, ‘I Will Be There‘, ‘Can’t Face Tomorrow‘, ‘Leave This War‘ and ‘Spit It Out‘.