Review: Space Elevator / Cats In Space, Harlequin Theatre


Review: Space Elevator / Cats In Space

Harlequin Theatre (Sept 29th 2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Some might say that it’s a bit of a risk doing a full tour of music that’s apparently ‘out of fashion’. Well judging by the performances of both bands on the night, how wrong said people would be. The engines were ignited and the ‘Out Of This World Tour’ took off…

Space Elevator started off proceedings, which was the first chance I’d got to see them live since the release of their self titled album last year. Having been blown away by the vocal talents of ‘The Duchess‘ on said album I was blown away once again by her live performance.

The Duchess

Wow what a voice! The girl can sing, putting household ‘stars’ to shame. We mustn’t overlook the talents of the rest of the band, the understated less is more playing of guitarist David Young, and the solid backbone of Chas Maguire (bass) and Brian Greene (drums). Space Elevator delivered a consummate performance, their experience and professionalism shining through.

David Young

Picking stand out tracks for me is a tad difficult as I thoroughly enjoyed every song. However if pinned to the wall I’d have to mention ‘I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)‘ with The Duchess dedicating it to her favorite Dr. Who, Sylvester McCoy. Okay not everyone’s first choice but I’m not one to judge. Also the band’s cover of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Don’t Believe A Word‘, which they had released as a charity single, which had their own slant on it without removing the essence of the original.

Chas Maguire

The band currently have a Pledge campaign to fund follow up album which I really hope they manage. One things for certain, the next chance I get to go see them, I’ll be there in a flash!

And so onto Cats In Space. I was fortunate enough to have caught them at The Half Moon, and was looking forward to seeing them again, this time on a bigger stage.

They are another band absolutely brimming with talent & experience who have gained momentum at a rapid rate since the release of their debut album. It’s a clever trick to take the heady sounds of the Seventies and make them sound so fresh. Good music is good music.


This is another performance where it is difficult to pin down individual tracks, well apart from one that is, that being ‘The Greatest Story Never Told‘, an absolute monster of a track and my favorite off the album hands down. Bassist Jeff Brown started the track off, not showing the nerves from the Half Moon Gig, before vocalist Paul Manzi took up the mantle with the band handing us the sort of performance this track deserves.

Paul Manzi

With guitarist’s Greg Hart and Dean Howard swapping licks throughout, the powerhouse that is Steevi Bacon on the drums, backed up by Jeff Brown on bass and the ivories deftly tinkled by Andy Stewart, and fronted by the aforementioned Paul Manzi, entertained we certainly were.

Jeff Brown


Dean Howard

Steevi Bacon

Greg Hart

With the band already working on a follow up to ‘Too Many Gods‘, the future’s certainly looking bright.

To sum up, a highly entertaining night was had by all, theatre shows are tricky due to them being all seated although a few people did venture down in front of the stage when Cats In Space were playing. Still it would of been nice to have seen more down the front for both bands. All in all a highly successful tour for both bands and thoroughly deserved too.